bargaining bar‧gain‧ing [ˈbɑːgənɪŋ ǁ ˈbɑːr-] noun [uncountable]
HUMAN RESOURCES COMMERCE discussion to reach agreement about something, for example trade, levels of pay etc:

• There will be some hard bargaining between the US and Europe.

colˌlective ˈbargaining HUMAN RESOURCES
the discussions held between an employer and a trade union in order to reach an agreement on wages and working conditions:

• Contract workers fall outside collective bargaining agreements.

• This ballot is about the right of our members to have their pay determined by free collective bargaining (= not controlled by the government or legal rules ) .

ˈwage ˌbargaining also ˈpay ˌbargaining HUMAN RESOURCES
discussions between representatives of employees and employers in order to agree levels of pay:

• A major round of wage bargaining is due to start later this week.

ˈworkplace ˌbargaining
HUMAN RESOURCES discussions between employers and employees that take place in order to reach an agreement about working conditions, pay etc

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bargaining UK US /ˈbɑːɡɪnɪŋ/ noun [U]
discussions between people in order to reach agreement on something such as prices, wages, working conditions, etc.: »

Both sides were scheduled to meet today in an effort to resume bargaining.

hard/tough bargaining »

After tough bargaining, the plan has been agreed upon with the unions.


You are in a weaker bargaining position if you are a casual, temporary, or contract worker.

See also COLLECTIVE BARGAINING(Cf. ↑collective bargaining), PAY BARGAINING(Cf. ↑pay bargaining), WORKPLACE BARGAINING(Cf. ↑workplace bargaining)

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